Misophonia: A Burning Hatred For Certain Sounds

Misophonia: A Burning Hatred For Certain Sounds

Misophonia, which translates to "hatred of sound," was coined as a disorder in 2002. Those afflicted by it react with anger or disgust to certain trigger sounds, such as chewing, slurping, heavy breathing, snoring, sniffling, foot tapping, and typing. Researchers are still investigating the causes of the condition, but it seems to develop around adolescence and worsen over time. Some people with misophonia respond to their trigger sounds by mimicking them, which can increase empathy and counteract their anger.


Key Facts In This Video

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    People with misophonia can experience emotions such as panic, anxiety, anger, and arousal when they hear certain trigger sounds. (0:46)

  • 2

    Most experts believe that misophonia is a neurological problem, and not a problem with the hearing system. (1:42)

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    Misophonia might result from obsessing over sounds that bothered or scared you during childhood. (2:56)

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