Miriam Tegels, The World's Fastest Knitter

In 2006, Miriam Tegels set the world record for fastest knitting by hand-knitting 118 stitches in three minutes. Though this remains the speediest recorded knitting time in the world, Miriam has been beaten in a competition before by fellow speed-knitter Hazel Tindall, who knit 262 stitches in three minutes compared to Tegels's 243.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The world record for fastest knitting was set by Miriam Tegels, who knitted 118 stitches in 1 minute. 00:06

  2. Miriam Tegels's key strategy for speed knitting is keeping movements to a minimum. 00:34

  3. Here's what you need to try speed knitting for yourself: 01:08

Written by Curiosity Staff December 7, 2015

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