Michel Lotito Ate An Entire Airplane

Lotito was nicknamed Monsieur Mangetout, which means "Mr. Eat-All" in French. He ate an estimated nine tons of metal over a period of 40 years, much of it ground into smaller, more digestible pieces. His stomach and intestines had a thick enough lining to tolerate his snacks of nails, glass, and metal, and he was able to turn his pica into a career in entertainment. He died in 2007 of natural causes-his death is presumed to be unrelated to his odd diet.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. On average, you produce 2–4 pints (about half of a gallon) of saliva every day. 00:45

  2. A human stomach can hold approximately 3–4 liters of content. 02:52

  3. Pica is a disorder that causes someone to crave non-food items. 04:10

Written by Curiosity Staff November 19, 2015