Men In Medieval Times Were Serious About Their Beards

The history of beards-of all shapes, sizes, and styles-stretch back to the dawn of time. Beards have been discussed in terms of wealth, superstition, science, and have even been related to the science of attractiveness. A beard in the Middle Ages, the beard became a symbol of a knight's honor. Therefore, touching another man's beard without permission was grounds for a duel. Over time in Europe, a clean-shaven face became the preferred style. By the 15th century, clean-shaven men were still in, but beards would come back in the 17th century. Varying brands of facial hair have rolled in and out of style and importance since these times. A recent Australian study found society might be reaching its "peak beard frequency", due to the over-saturation of modern bearded men.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Some studies show men with beards are perceived as more intellectual and creative. 02:15

  2. An Australian study found society might be reaching its "peak beard frequency". 03:46

  3. In some species beards are used as a means for fighting and protection. 04:51

Written by Curiosity Staff January 2, 2015

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