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Mathematical Thinking Can Open New Worlds

You might think you're not a "math person," but maybe that's because math doesn't mean what you think it means. Mathematical and logical thinking can open up new ways of thinking about everything from social and political issues to art to even gender. And on this episode, Dr. Eugenia Cheng, author and Scientist in Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, explains how to tap into it. Stream or download the podcast using the player below or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Gretta.

Adding It All Up

On this episode, Dr. Eugenia Cheng, author of "How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics" and "Beyond Infinity: An Expedition into the Outer Limits of Mathematics," discusses:

  • Math isn't about getting the right answers; it's about asking "why?" repeatedly and never being satisfied with the answers.
  • How mathematical thinking can be applied to social and political issues, from conversations on gender to policy proposals.
  • Why the boundaries separating math, science, and art are artificial, and how different disciplines can work together to produce better results.

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Dr. Eugenia Cheng explains mathematics using everyday cooking

Written by Cody Gough February 27, 2018

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