Mary Celeste: The Greatest Sea Mystery Of All Time

In November 1872, the Atlantic Ocean saw the worst weather since records began. During this season, hundreds of vessels were lost or abandoned at sea; among them was the Mary Celeste. The American registered brigantine Mary Celeste was one of the only ships found. When it was discovered 400 mi east of the Azores, it was still seaworthy, and had six months of food and supplies on board. However, the ship was found abandoned, and there were no traces left of the vanished captain, his family, and crew. An experienced sailor would only leave the vessel if they suspected it was going down, but the Mary Celeste had no damage. Years later, the Mary Celeste met its watery grave.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Mary Celeste was found abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, still completely seaworthy. 00:13

  2. Ten persons had seemingly completely vanished without a trace from the Mary Celeste. 00:41

  3. The Mary Celeste met her watery grave years after originally discovered. 01:02

Written by Curiosity Staff December 18, 2015