Mark Twain Invented the Bra Clasp

Most people know that Mark Twain was one of America's greatest writers, but few are aware that he was also an inventor. In 1871, Samuel Clemens -- Twain's real name -- patented the design for a device that improved upon the classic belt buckle with a row of easily adjustable hooks. His original intention was for the design to be used with menswear like vests and "pantaloons," but it turned out to be an irresistibly handy addition to brassieres, and we've been using them that way ever since. Plenty of people famous for their work in other areas have doubled as inventors as well. Michael Jackson invented shoes that allowed him to perform his gravity-defying moves on stage, and Charlie Sheen once patented a chapstick dispenser that could be operated in ski gloves.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Michael Jackson invented shoes with a slot in the heel that could catch on a hitch on the stage, which would allow him to perform a gravity-defying lean. 00:39

  2. Charlie Sheen invented a chapstick dispenser that could easily be used while wearing ski gloves. 02:51

  3. Margaret Thatcher used her chemistry degree to invent soft-serve ice cream. 03:20

Written by Curiosity Staff May 31, 2016

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