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Lobsters: The Unique Crustaceans

Lobsters: The Unique Crustaceans

Lobsters might not be quite the straightforward red-clawed crustaceans you would expect. These creatures play a crucial, albeit strange, role in the underwater kingdom and can often be seen scuttling around both forward and backwards along the ocean floor. Unlike most species, lobsters have teeth in their stomachs (which are conveniently located near their heads), can turn blue, and dine on each other when prey is scarce. And when they do eat, it's by using microscopic hairs on their feet and legs, as well as other antennae, to source and devour food.

Lobsters are one of the most unique creatures on the planet, so why all the strange behavior? And do they really scream when they're cooked? Check out this playlist to learn more about this fantastically strange species of crustacean.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. 80% of all known animal species are arthropods. 00:23

  2. The human digestive system is on the ventral (belly) side of the body, whereas the arthropod digestive system is on the dorsal (back) side. 01:25

  3. The genes that determine the locations of the nervous and digestive systems are remarkably similar in all bilateral animals. 02:54

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