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Live Out Earth's Last Days In Luxury With A Survival Condo

When you think of the apocalypse (and these days, who doesn't?) you probably imagine food and water shortages, destroyed power grids, and people competing to survive. But what if instead of desperation, doomsday came with 9-foot ceilings, a walk-in freezer, and a pool? That's the promise of the Survival Condo Project.

The survival condo's blast doors are designed to withstand large explosives.

"Like A Miniature Cruise Ship"

The condo itself is a converted Atlas F missile silo. It was built in 1960 to house an intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile, but after years of cleanup and renovations, it has become a 15-floor condo with enough space to house up to 70 people comfortably. How comfortably? As Survival Condo Project CEO Larry Hall told NPR, "Well, it's kind of like a miniature cruise ship. We have everything from a bar and a lounge to a movie theater. We've got a library. We have continuing education classrooms for the children."

That's not to mention the indoor pool, workout center, walk-in freezers, and "electronic windows": 55-inch LCD screens flipped to portrait mode that can display an array of different scenery, giving residents the feeling that they're in a normal home instead of 200 feet underground.

Inside the bunker: kitchens come with 5 year's worth of freeze-dried food.
LCD "electronic windows" give the illusion of being above ground.

Of course, a doomsday bunker wouldn't be worth much if it didn't also keep you alive. Every unit comes with a five-year supply of freeze-dried food, and the air comes in through a blast-valve-protected intake that's filtered by nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) filters. There are three sources of water and three sources of electricity, plus high-speed fiber-optic internet access. Top it all off with fresh produce, which residents can grow in the two-story hydroponic garden. The whole structure is capped by a monolithic dome capable of withstanding winds in excess of 500 miles per hour.

Take a dip in the full-sized pool, complete with a waterslide.

How Much Will It Run Me?

Are you sitting down? For the most basic condo unit — which, we'll remind you, has enough resources for you to survive for at least five years — you'll pay around $1.5 million. The nicest units run as high as $4.5 million.

But don't expect to walk into a bank and get a mortgage on your luxury bunker. The Survival Condo website stresses, "Most banks will not finance. You must be liquid to become an owner." Of course, once the world ends, who knows what money will be worth? If you've got a few million lying around, there are worse things you could do with it.

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Written by Ashley Hamer February 11, 2017

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