Limb Law: How To Know How Many Limbs A Body Needs

Why are we born with the number of limbs that we are? It seems to come down to what is necessary for our body size. Theoretical neurobiologist Mark Changizi came up with the Limb Law, which states that there is a mathematical formula to predict the optimal number of limbs for a body based on the size of those limbs. Thinking of a millipede, the law states that the shorter the limbs get, the more that are necessary. Larger-limbed bodies, like ants, require six limbs.

5 Weirdest Things About Hands - Epic Science #58

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The design of your five-fingered hand dates back 340 million years. 00:17

  2. An extra digit on your hand would not be very helpful. 01:30

  3. Humans have a power grip that other primates lack. 02:07

Written by Curiosity Staff September 11, 2015

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