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Like A Glass Of Bubbly, Champagne Pool Is An Ever-Fizzing (Hot) Spring

New Zealand's Champagne Pool is not for drinking—it's way cooler than that. This natural hot spring is bubbly, colorful, hot, and dangerous. The pool is part of an attraction that was called one of the most surreal places on Earth by TripAdvisor. But be warned: This pool is not for swimming, and definitely not for mimosas.

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Welcome To Wonderland

Champagne Pool is the centerpiece of the even-lovelier-named Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland. This area, located in the north island of New Zealand, was formed over thousands of years of geothermal activity. Within it, you can find other features like the Lady Knox Geyser and the mud pool (erupting mud, anyone?). But the real showstopper is Champagne Pool—a naturally colorful hot spring that bubbles and fizzes just like its namesake.

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Look, But Don't Touch—Or Drink

While it may be tempting to treat Champagne Pool like an open-air jacuzzi, you might want to think again. This ain't no kiddie pool. Size-wise, the pool measures 213 feet (65 meters) in diameter and 203 feet (62 meters) in depth. The water in this hot spring averages around 165°F (74°C), whereas regular hot tubs max out at 104°F (40°C). The geothermal water below the pool is even steamier at around 500°F (260°C).

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The fizzies come from the constant efflux of carbon dioxide gas from the bottom of the pool, which was formed some 900 years ago by a hydrothermal eruption. The colors around the edge of the pool, however, come from a wide range of rich mineral deposits and microbial life. (Not unlike Yellowstone's Great Prismatic Spring.) This makes the pool appear to be ringed in brilliantly bright and pulpy orange juice. Is this natural wonderscape trying to make us think of mimosas, or are we just thirsty?

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Champagne Pool of New Zealand

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New Zealand's Geothermal Wonderland

Written by Joanie Faletto April 25, 2017