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Li-Fi Is The New Insanely Fast Wireless Internet

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Wi-Fi has revolutionized the experience of connecting online, but it has already been one-upped. The radiowave technology may be soon replaced with Li-Fi, the wireless internet alternative that is 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi we use today. The secret behind Li-Fi, which was invented in 2011 by Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, is that it uses light rather than radiowaves to transfer internet data, and the frequency of light has a range that is 10,000-times greater than radiowaves. Li-Fi has the power to download a full-length HD movie in just a few seconds.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Wi-Fi was accidentally invented in 1992. 00:14

  2. Light has a frequency range 10,000X greater than radio waves. 01:19

  3. Watch Dr. Harald Haas use a lightbulb to stream a video: 03:24

Written by Curiosity Staff January 27, 2016