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LeVar Burton Believes the Stories We Tell Determine Who We Are

LeVar Burton has been a storyteller for decades. From his acting roles as Kunta Kinte in "Roots" and Geordi LaForge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to his decades of work with "Reading Rainbow," he's been a central figure in some of the most influential media in recent memory. Also a director, producer, and author, Burton has now turned his storytelling skills toward the world of podcasting with "LeVar Burton Reads." On this episode of the Curiosity Podcast, he discusses the power of literature and why books are such a meaningful tool for storytelling. Stream or download the podcast using the player below or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Gretta.

Once Upon a Time...

On this episode of the Curiosity Podcast, legendary storyteller LeVar Burton discusses:

  • What it's been like taking "LeVar Burton Reads" on the road for a live tour, including reactions to the first event in Chicago with Nnedi Okorafor.
  • Why reading a story can captivate an audience of thousands, even in 2018.
  • How technology and the rise of cell phones have been a double-edged sword for encouraging children and teenagers to read, and why we need to strike a healthy balance.
  • The reason he started "LeVar Burton Reads" and thoughts on podcasting as a storytelling medium.

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Written by Cody Gough April 3, 2018

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