Learning To Cook Might Have Made Us Human

According to anthropologist Richard Wrangham, modern humans may have been brought into existence by the development of cooking. This theory points to our big brains as evidence: we couldn't have grown such large, complex thinking machines without the additional energy that cooked food provides. Snacking on cooked items could also have caused our jaws and guts to become smaller, and it would have given us large amounts of free time that other species spent foraging and eating. With that free time, Homo erectus would have been able to develop culture, language, and more advanced tools.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Anthropologist Richard Wrangham believes that cooking food allowed humans to transition from primitive primates to complex humans. 00:59

  2. Around 1.8 million years ago, the first modern humans emerged, boasting larger brains and smaller jaws. 02:34

  3. Spending less time eating would have enabled our ancestors to spend time developing art, language, and tools. 04:34

Written by Curiosity Staff March 18, 2016

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