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Lavender Oil Can Help With Anxiety

In a 2010 study, patients suffering from anxiety found that taking a lavender oil capsule improved the quality of their mental health and sleep, more so than in those who took a placebo. A separate 2009 study found that lavender oil capsules were as effective in treating anxiety as Lorazepam, a common anti-anxiety drug. Lavender oil also has a reputation for relaxing people when applied topically, as its scent is quite soothing.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Lavender oil has many purported uses, including repelling insects, reducing acne, and calming nerves. 00:46

  2. The chemical components of lavender have been refined into approved, low-dose anxiety-reducing treatments. 01:51

  3. A drop of lavender oil may curb irritation caused by an insect sting or bite. 02:33

Written by Curiosity Staff December 17, 2015

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