King Tut Was Afflicted By Disease And Deformities

King Tut Was Afflicted By Disease And Deformities

On November 4, 1922, the steps that led to King Tutankhamun's tomb were discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter and his crew. The boy king became pharaoh at the age of eight or nine, and died at age 19 around year 1352 B.C.E. His death has long been deemed a mystery, though close examinations of his remains have revealed that he suffered from malaria, deformities, and other ailments.


Key Facts In This Video

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    The members of King Tut's family all died relatively young. (0:22)

  • 2

    An analysis of King Tut's loincloths revealed that his hips were abnormally wide. (1:13)

  • 3

    Incest was common among ancient Egyptian royals. (2:14)

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