Jeremy Bentham Had His Body Preserved After Death

When he was 21, Bentham stated in his will that he wished to be dissected upon his death, after which his skeleton and preserved head should be put on display. He even suggested that this "auto icon" could sit in on meetings of his followers. His instructions were carried out when he died in 1832, but because the preservation of his head didn't render it very aesthetically appealing, his icon was given a wax head. The icon can be seen sitting in its cabinet at the University of College London, where it arrived in 1850.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. When Jeremy Bentham died in 1832, his skeleton was preserved and dressed in his clothes according to his will. 00:11

  2. Jeremy Bentham's preserved head was once stolen and held for ransom. 02:10

  3. The panopticon prison scheme is one of Jeremy Bentham's most famous works. 02:38

Written by Curiosity Staff September 18, 2015

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