Japan's Hitachi Seaside Park Is A Colorful Flower Paradise

An expansive stretch of colorful goodness sits about two hours from Tokyo in Japan's Hitachi Seaside Park. This place is home to millions of flowers and plants that provide brilliant displays of color. But don't stress about coordinating your schedule with flower season—the view here is surreally scenic year-round.

Why are we covering this?

  • It's one of those breathtaking places in the world that we didn't even know existed.
  • Talk about evergreen—it's literally never a bad time to plan a visit here.

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hitachi Seaside Park is a 19-hectare floral paradise. The public park in Ibaraki, Japan covers a huge spectrum of wildlife colors that changes every season. In April, you'll see an overwhelming spread of 4.5 million baby blue flowers that blend the hues of the hills with the spring sky. This dramatic scene is called "Nemophila Harmony" after the nemophila flower, also known as baby blue eyes.

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In the summertime, the rolling hills transform into kelly green. But this is much more exciting than looking at fields of fresh grass—all thanks to the kochia. This large herb that grows in little bulbous brushes about 35 inches (90 centimeters) tall. The little spheres dotting the park make for a surreal scene of what appears to be oversized cotton balls. The kochia take things up a notch in autumn when their hue shifts to a deep crimson. Though the stuff isn't actually raspberry-flavored cotton candy (could've fooled us), parts of it are edible. The seeds, called tonburi, are eaten in some parts of northern Japan and are known as the "caviar of the fields."

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An Overdose Of Flower Power

We're not saying you might get sick of just looking at all the plant life, but... just in case you do, there's plenty more to do at Hitachi Seaside. Most of the non-flower attractions sit in the Pleasure Garden Area. Here, you can also peddle down the cycling trail or hit up the small amusement park (a view of all the colorful blooms would probably look pretty amazing from atop the Ferris wheel). There's also a restaurant, golf course, BMX course, and a little water fountain play area for kids to splash around in.

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 17, 2017