Japanese Honey Bees Roast Hornets In Their "Oven"

Unlike their defenseless European cousins, Japanese honeybees have a group defense strategy to take down their predators. The bees swarm onto a Japanese giant hornet and vibrate, heating up the area to 47.2° C (117° F). The bees can stand temperatures up to 47.8° C (118° F). Japanese giant hornets can only below 46.1° C (115°F).

Key Facts In This Video

  1. See Japanese honey bees swarm around the hive caring for their young: 00:09

  2. Japanese giant hornets mark the hives of honey bees with pheromones so other hornets can find the prey later. 01:09

  3. Japanese honey bees swarm onto their Japanese giant hornet predators and vibrate, creating an oven that cooks the hornet alive. 01:39

Written by Curiosity Staff August 26, 2015

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