Jane Addams, Social Worker And Suffragist

Jane Addams is remembered today for her social work and feminist activism. She was a supporter of the women's suffrage movement and a highly involved member of her Chicago community, contributing to education, charities, and even city sanitation. However, she is best known for founding Hull House in 1889 with her friend Ellen G. Starr. This settlement house at Halsted and Polk provided services and programs for the city's working class, and came to host thousands of visitors each week.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Jane Addams was America's first female Nobel Prize winner. 00:14

  2. After visiting a settlement house in London, Jane Addams was inspired to open Hull House in Chicago. 01:57

  3. Jane Addams invited public speakers such as Susan B. Anthony to Hull House. 02:45

Written by Curiosity Staff August 31, 2015

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