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It's Impossible To Stop Morning Breath

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Everyone gets morning breath. Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do about it. During the day, your mouth produces saliva to get rid of bacteria. At night, however, saliva production takes a break, so the bacteria that cause bad breath aren't washed away in the same way they are during waking hours. As a result, there's no avoid morning breath altogether. Brushing your teeth and drinking water before bed may help reduce the potency of the stench, but can't stave it off entirely. Factors that could make your morning breath worse include drinking coffee or alcohol before bed and sleeping with your mouth open, which only dries your mouth out more. To learn more about why your breath might stink (sorry, but it's true) watch the videos below.

Why Can't You Prevent Morning Breath?

You can, at least, make it a little better.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. While we're asleep, our saliva production slows down, preventing bacteria from getting washed away and causing "morning breath." 01:15

  2. Brushing your teeth and drinking water before bed will help reduce morning breath. 01:49

  3. There is nothing you can do to absolutely prevent morning breath. 02:03

Why Do We Get Morning Breath, Anyway?

The science of stinky breath, explained.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Eating and being sick are the two biggest influencers of "bad human smells". 00:16

  2. Volatile Sulfer Compounds explained: 01:05

  3. Dry mouth is the main cause of why our breath smells so bad in the morning. 01:34

The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Breath

Every time you breathe, you are breathing in the atoms of everyone that has ever lived. Wait, what?

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