Artificial Intelligence

Is This Computer The Next Rembrandt?

Art history buffs would probably say that 17th-century Dutch master Rembrandt was one of a kind -- and they would be right. Sort of. A team of researchers from institutions like Microsoft and ING Bank have developed a computer program to replicate the artist's style with near-perfect accuracy. Researchers, computer programmers, and art historians worked together for two years putting together the New Rembrandt project, a computer algorithm that studied various aspects of Rembrandt's style to create a new "Rembrandt" painting. The computer algorithm took into account the way the master spatially placed facial features, his application of paint, the style of his brushstrokes, and much more. The new "Rembrandt" painting, which took 18 months to create, was unveiled in Amsterdam in early April 2016.

Written by Curiosity Staff May 24, 2016

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