Is This A Real Van Gogh Painting?

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Who doesn't love a good art history mystery? This one dates back to 1893 when a minister sells a painting to a man in Paris, France. From there, it makes its way to the wall of a bistro near Paris where an American art importer recognizes the painting as a Van Gogh. He authenticates it, then "Study By Candlelight" is sold for $50,000 (equal to $500k today). But wait... is it actually legitimate? Hear the rest of this fascinating story in the video below, then learn more about Van Gogh.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Before he became a painter, Vincent van Gogh was an art dealer, book store clerk, and preacher. 00:36

  2. Vincent van Gogh painted his seminal "Starry Night" while living in an insane asylum. 01:44

  3. Vincent van Gogh reportedly only sold one painting in his lifetime. 01:59