Is This A Real Van Gogh Painting?

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Who doesn't love a good art history mystery? This one dates back to 1893 when a minister sells a painting to a man in Paris, France. From there, it makes its way to the wall of a bistro near Paris where an American art importer recognizes the painting as a Van Gogh. He authenticates it, then "Study By Candlelight" is sold for $50,000 (equal to $500k today). But wait... is it actually legitimate? Hear the rest of this fascinating story in the video below, then learn more about Van Gogh.

One Of The Most Controversial Art Mysteries In The World

Did Van Gogh really paint that portrait of himself?

The Sad Life Of Vincent Van Gogh

He often had "fits of madness."

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Before he became a painter, Vincent van Gogh was an art dealer, book store clerk, and preacher. 00:36

  2. Vincent van Gogh painted his seminal "Starry Night" while living in an insane asylum. 01:44

  3. Vincent van Gogh reportedly only sold one painting in his lifetime. 01:59

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