Is There Such A Thing As Indigo Children?

Is There Such A Thing As Indigo Children?

Do you know the color of your aura? Can you see bands of color around other people? Indigo children would answer yes to these questions. "Indigo children" are believed by some to possess supernatural abilities, like psychic powers. They are "indigo" because that is supposedly the color of their auras. The term was coined in the 1970s by American psychologist Mary Ann Tappe, but the concept took off in the 1990s and became mainstream. Many of these children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and it is believed that parents reject this diagnosis in favor of believing their children are gifted with rare traits. Watch the video below (warning: the video contains some innappropriate language) to learn more.

Inside The Strange World Of Indigo Children

Who are "the chosen ones"?


Key Facts In This Video

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    Key traits of indigo children are said to be highly psychic or intuitive, capable of healing other people, and non-conforming. (3:20)

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    Believers in indigo children may think that these children do not have ADD or ADHD, as they are often diagnosed, but rather possess psychic abilities. (7:26)

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    lack of focus, inattention, difficulty starting tasks, and difficulty regulating emotions are all traits of ADHD. (12:12)

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