Is Storytelling The Best Approach For Business Pitches?

Storytelling is an ancient art form that has been around since, well, forever. We know this because researchers have preserved thousands of years worth of evidence from our early ancestors, including paintings, inscriptions, songs, poems, speeches and more. These artifacts help us paint a picture in our minds of what everyday life, struggles and significant events were like during times we weren't around to experience them ourselves. In this way, we are able to connect with the storyteller by relating what we've heard back to our own lives, creating bonds, eliciting emotion and bolstering passion with certain stories and ideas. That's why so many entrepreneurs and business people are taking the basic principles of storytelling to the boardroom and ditching the traditional practice of "pitching" to prospective investors.

But how effective really is telling the story of your idea rather than offering concise presentation-style bullet points? Industry experts say they believe learning to communicate one's business plan into a compelling narrative is one of the top five skills necessary to break ground in today's competitive business environment. Learn how to use top-notch storytelling techniques to your advantage through this playlist. And remember: show, don't tell.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 12, 2014

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