Is Public Wi-Fi Safe?

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One of the first questions everyone asks when visiting a new coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, or just about anywhere: "What's the Wi-Fi password"? Free Wi-Fi is pretty much expected these days, and we often search for open Wi-Fi networks without a second thought. But are they safe? Not always. Explore the safety of public networks in the following video, then learn more about Wi-Fi.

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You Can't Always Trust "Free Aiport Wi-Fi"

Your username, password, credit card details, etc. could all be up for grabs.

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Wi-Fi Doesn't Actually Stand For Anything

Surely the "Wi" part means wireless, and the "Fi" then must mean... err... Finternet?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The term Wi-Fi doesn't mean or stand for anything, it is a made-up phrase. 00:24

  2. Wi-Fi was almost called Trapeze instead. 01:26

Written by Curiosity Staff February 8, 2017