Pluto's Status As A Non-Planet

Remember Pluto? Of course you do—we all do. In 2006, Pluto had its status as a planet revoked. Nothing about Pluto changed, but the definition of a planet did. However, Pluto may once again become a planet in the future. So we're not totally breaking up with Pluto—we just need to take a break for a while. Why is Pluto not currently considered a planet? The videos below will answer that burning question.

Watch And Learn: Our Favorite Videos About Pluto

Is Pluto A Planet?

Short answer: No. But, of course, it's a little complicated.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Pluto is smaller than 9 moons in the Milky Way galaxy. 01:32

  2. Pluto was discovered in 1930. 02:55

  3. Pluto was re-categorized as an object in the Kuiper Belt, alongside other icy orbs. 03:33

What Is A Planet?

To understand why Pluto isn't a planet, we first must learn what a planet really is.

How Many Planets Are In The Solar System? this a trick question?

Written by Curiosity Staff November 16, 2014

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