Is Lowercase Music Even Music?

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Lowercase music was brought to the public eye by Steve Roden, a minimal artist. His album, "Forms of Paper," was commissioned by the Los Angeles Public Library, and consisted of 54 minutes of Roden handling paper. Explaining the style, Roden said, "It bears a certain sense of quiet and humility; it doesn't demand attention, it must be discovered... It's the opposite of capital letters-loud things which draw attention to themselves." Other examples of lowercase music have amplified the sounds of an anthill, bacteria being flash-frozen, and helium balloons bumping against the ceiling.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Lowercase music digitally amplifies quiet, ambient noises to make new soundscapes. 00:46

  2. Minimalist artists who create lowercase music use many of the same tools and techniques as electronic dance music artists. 03:01

  3. Andrew Kania defines music as any event intentionally produced or organized to be heard, and which has some musical features or is intended to be listened to for those features. 04:53

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