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Is Civilization A Simulation? Elon Musk Says It's More Likely Than Not

How do you know your whole life isn't just a computer simulation? This question is the basis of a popular thought experiment, but some people firmly believe it's the truth. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, is one of those believers.

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Musk has said he's convinced that we are most likely characters in some super-advanced civilization's computer game. "There's a one in billions chance we're in base reality," he said at Code Conference 2016, a media and tech conference where he was a featured speaker. Musk cites the rate that technology is advancing as the reasoning behind his belief. Merely decades ago, our video gaming was limited to simple ones like Pong. Today, virtual reality is blurring the lines between what is real and what is simulated, and Musk believes the line will continue to blur so severely that simulations will develop consciences of their own.

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Written by Joanie Faletto June 16, 2016

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