Is Alien Life Really Out There?

It's perhaps one of the most controversial topics and widely debated subjects in modern history: Does intelligent alien life exist? It seems people around the world have always speculated the existence of aliens, asserted government cover-ups, and shared their versions of alien encounters. In the 1960s, the U.S. experienced a surge in the interest of extraterrestrial life after a weather balloon fell over Roswell, New Mexico and subsequently incited a rash of theories linking aliens, top secret government facilities and general fandom. Crop circles, the mysterious Area 54, alleged sightings and meetings are parts of a complex puzzle.

While it can be easy to dismiss some claims made by staunch believers in other-worldly life, if the universe is so vast and humans have inhabited Earth for so long, why haven't we encountered aliens yet? Or maybe even stranger: what if we are the aliens? Check out this playlist to get at the heart of the debate and decided for yourself: What else is really out there?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Fermi's Paradox looks at the contradiction between the enormous likelihood of aliens existing and the lack of evidence that they exist. 00:03

  2. Perhaps the most famous method for attempting to find aliens is listening for their signals. 00:37

  3. We could detect aliens by their impact on their home planets by studying the atmospheres of planets orbiting nearby stars. 02:53

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The universe is huge and always expanding. 00:12

  2. Aliens might be too far away to reach any signals we send them. 02:33

Written by Curiosity Staff January 22, 2015

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