Is ADHD Overdiagnosed Or Underdiagnosed?

If you haven't been diagnosed with ADHD, you've likely wondered whether or not you have it. Come clean—how many online questionnaires have you filled out? You lose your keys all the time, feel restless at work, and can't seem to pay attention during conversations. So what does this mean? Some doctors feel that ADHD is over-diagnosed, while others feel it's under-diagnosed. Uncover the research in the following video, then learn more about ADHD and other controversial disorders.

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Do I Have ADHD?

Diagnosis can be a bit tricky, and you won't find your answer with an internet search.

ADHD: Setting The Record Straight

Across the board, there's a huge gender bias in diagnosis and medication. In 2011, only 2 percent of 11-year-old girls diagnosed with ADHD were medicated, compared to 7 percent of boys.

There's No Such Thing As An Addictive Personality

Whether it's your fourth cookie, shoe purchase, or cigarette, it's common to pass off a moment of weak willpower as being caused by an addictive personality. But according to research, there's no such thing.

There's No Such Thing as an Addictive Personality arrow_forward

Written by Curiosity Staff February 16, 2017

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