Is A Universal Basic Income Really Possible?

The idea of a universal income is simple: every citizen of a country gets a certain amount of money from the government. Beyond that, though, things get complicated. Would that make people stop working? Would the government go bankrupt? Hear some perspectives on these questions in the videos below.

The Benefits Of Universal Basic Income

According to Anthony Painter, a universal basic income could smooth the ongoing transition into a tech-based economy.

Why Do We Pay Income Tax?

Find out how taxes work, and how the system was put in place to make you file income taxes every year.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The concept of taxation dates back to the time of Mesopotamia and Egypt's Old Kingdom. 01:03

  2. Employers are required by law to withhold income tax and deposit the money in a Federal Reserve bank. 02:22

  3. Under a flat tax system, everyone pays taxes at the same rate. 03:38

Written by Curiosity Staff September 21, 2016

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