Iodine Was Added To Salt To Prevent Goiters

There are several salt varieties on the market these days: table salt, sea salt, and even the fanciful pink himalayan sea salt. But we wanted to know, what's the difference between regular ol' salt and iodized salt? Learn about iodized salt—and why we still have it today—in the video below.

Why Is Iodine Added To Salt?

Take a deep dive into the reasons behind iodized salt with Today I Found Out.

Here's Why We Use Salt And Pepper

We know the importance of salt, but why do we pair salt and pepper with almost every dish? Explore this classic Western pairing in the video below.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Humans need at least 6g of sodium chloride per day to maintain our cells, blood pressure, and nerve impulses. 00:57

  2. Black pepper gets its heat from piperine, not capsaicin like the similarly named chili pepper. 03:31

  3. Black pepper may owe its enduring popularity to King Louis XIV, who demanded his food be lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. 04:29

Salt Lamps: Real or BS?

Nick Uhas uncovers the truth behind those trendy pink himalayan sea salt lamps.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 7, 2016

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