Insane Ways Of Making Energy You May Not Know

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Solar, nuclear, and wind energy are popular sources of alternative energy-but the list of potential energy sources does not stop there. Geothermal is another popular option, but it may not be very accessible is places around the world without volcanic activity. Though the aforementioned ways to generate and harness energy are typically thought of on large scales, there are small ways to harness the energy released every day from unexpected things. For example, the heat that is given off at crematories was identified as a potential waste of energy. The heat that is generated from crematories has been considered as new places to harness energy and heat things.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Geothermal power is very popular is places of the world that are volcanically based, like Iceland. 00:49

  2. Floating wind mills harness wind energy without being anchored on the ground. 01:34

  3. Wave-powered energy uses the tides to move turbine and generate energy. 05:11

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