Incredible World of Insects

Some of the world's most beautiful insects we've only seen through pictures. You'll probably find people who are fearful of bee stings on every continent, but you won't find any actual bees throughout all of Antarctica. And if you're trying to kill a cockroach, you'll need to be pretty creative. Why? Because cockroaches can live up to a week or more without a head, hold their breath for 40 minutes and can live up to a month without food. There are between six and ten million species of insects around the world, all contributing in some small—or large—way to the environment and food chain. Some emit an iridescent glow that emanates from specific organs, and others are larvae that can survive in liquid nitrogen for up to three days. Whether they disgust you or fascinate, insects are pretty amazing.

Bees help pollinate the food we eat, caterpillars transform into butterflies, and ladybugs munch on the aphids that destroy essential plants and insect habitats. Bugs give us much more than just mosquito bites, so what can we do to help them in return? Deforestation, climate change, urbanization and more are killing off beneficial insects. Check out this playlist on these amazing creatures and spread the buzz on how we can help keep these critters.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 7, 2014

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