In Outer Space, There Is No Up Or Down

Ever stare into the night sky and wonder what's going on up in space? Cosmologists don't. That's because they have pretty strong evidence to suggest there is no "up" in space. Research points to the universe being "isotropic," which means that it looks the same no matter which way you spin it or how you view it.

A May 2016 study published in the science archive arXiv describes ways to test the universe's isotropy that are more thorough than what has been done in the past. These tests were conducted using cosmic microwave background temperature and polarization data, and they showed that there is only a 1 in 121,000 chance that space has a preferred direction. Learn more about the direction of the universe in the videos below.

Are There Directions In Space?

Where you are is just where you are.

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Which Way Is Up In Space?

When we look up into space, is it really "up"?

Written by Curiosity Staff September 15, 2016