North Korea

In North Korea, These Everyday Activities Are Illegal

The way in which North Korean citizens must live everyday would be extremely difficult to get used to for most people around the world. The repressive regime has banned many of the activities you may do every day without thinking twice. In this country, watching television that was not produced in North Korea is illegal, and listening to music that does not glorify the regime is illegal. Surfing the internet, freely driving around, communicating with people outside North Korea, and leaving the country are all against the law. If broken, many of these offense would result in public execution.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Over the course of just two ears, the North Korean government has executed more than 100 people for watching South Korean TV. 00:09

  2. In North Korea, communication with the outside world will incur the death penalty. 01:30

  3. Viewing or selling pornography in North Korea can lead to the death penalty. 02:21

Written by Curiosity Staff February 1, 2016