In A Ghost Marriage, Both Bride And Groom Are Deceased

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Ghost marriages typically occur in rural China, where people have been arrested for digging up and selling the bodies of women to the families of deceased bachelors. Matchmakers can even be called upon to find a spouse for a man who has recently passed. The practice has allegedly been around since the 17th century BC, but is very rare today.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The phrase "skeletons in the closet" originated in the 1800s, when anatomists would hire body-snatchers to fetch corpses from graves for dissection. 00:25

  2. In China, people were arrested for digging up the bodies of deceased women and selling them for ghost marriages. 01:13

  3. The British version of "skeletons in the closet" is "skeletons in the cupboard." 01:50

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