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IKO Empowers Kids To Create Their Own Prosthetics

Wouldn't it be cool if a kid's prosthetic limb was the envy of all their classmates? IKO is a creative prosthetic system that allows kids "to explore and augment their potential" by creating their own LEGO-inspired prosthetics. Functional arm one moment, spaceship or video game controller the next.

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Prosthesis That's Built To Play

Carlos Arturo Torres was inspired to create the IKO prosthetic arm after learning about the social rejection disabled children face in their everyday lives. He explains his motivation to the Design Awards: "What if 'normal' kids could understand disability from a different perspective? Maybe they could empathize instead of being afraid of something they don't know, what if they could all share, learn and create all together using play as a means?" For Torres, there was an obvious disconnect between the physical and psychological aspects of prosthetics.

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This prosthetic arm is completely functional when it needs to be, but since Torres paired up with the LEGO Future Lab, it can easily transform into any cool toy that's compatible with LEGOs. An 8-year-old tester named Dario told Time that friends felt sorry for him before he started using the IKO prosthetic arm. Now, they want one too.

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Go Go Gadget!

What's next? The possibilities are endless. Torres purposefully created a flexible product so that companies like MARVEL, MATTEL, GE and NINTENDO can eventually create compatible and affordable accessories. This fresh take on prosthetics aims to "enrich the kid's self-esteem through a learning, creative and social inclusive experience." Also, who doesn't want an Inspector Gadget arm?

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 7, 2017

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