Black Holes

If You Had A Black Hole The Size Of A Nickel...

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A black hole with the same diameter as a nickel would slightly beat out Earth's mass of around 13 x 10^24 lbs (6 x 10^24 kg). Assuming it appeared in your pocket or wallet, its pull would impact everything from the entire planet to, potentially, objects in the Asteroid Belt. Even a black hole with the mass (not the diameter) of a nickel would have far-reaching effects. Though the black hole would be far, far smaller than an atom, it would release more energy than an atomic bomb as it radiated its mass away.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. A black hole with the mass of a nickel would cause an explosion three times bigger than both atomic bombs combined. 00:42

  2. A black hole as wide as a nickel would have slightly more mass than the Earth. 01:02

  3. A black hole with the radius of a nickel would destroy the Earth and draw the moon into an elliptical orbit. 01:58

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