If You Can't Smell Well, You May Be A Psychopath

Do you exhibit psychopathic traits? Your nose may be able to tell you. According to research, psychopaths do not have a great sense of smell, have trouble identifying smells, and have difficulty distinguishing smells from other smells. The study that resulted in this finding assessed the olfactory system of 79 people with non-criminal backgrounds. Researchers found that the people who scored highly on psychopathic traits were more likely to struggle in identifying smells as well as noting differences between smells. The study measured the participants' levels of psychopathy by looking at four traits: manipulation; callousness; erratic lifestyles; and criminal tendencies.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A recent study suggests that people with psychopathic traits can't smell as well as non-psychopathic people. 01:04

  2. Leading an erratic lifestyle, callousness, and an urge to commit crimes are traits associated with psychopathy. 01:20

Written by Curiosity Staff February 19, 2016

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