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Iceland's Northern Lights Are So Beautiful They're Distracting

Here's a bucket list item for you: the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This natural wonder illuminates the sky with magnificent colors caused by the collision of charged particles from solar radiation with the Earth's magnetic field. The display is so magnificent, in fact, that it's making for some erratic drivers. Icelandic police have been pulling over tourists who seem to be driving drunk. But, nope—they're just mesmerized by nature. Learn more about the Northern Lights and the science behind auroras in the following videos.

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What Causes The Northern Lights?

Earth is really just one big magnet, and it turns out that the sun gives off a lot more than just light.

The Science And Beauty Of Auroras

Aristotle thought auroras were the sky vomiting little bits of flames. Close, but no cigar.

Written by Curiosity Staff March 25, 2016

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