Iceland Keeps Getting Voted The World's Most Peaceful Place

Iceland Keeps Getting Voted The World's Most Peaceful Place

The 2016 Global Peace Index report named Iceland the most peaceful place on Earth, a ranking it has earned for six years straight. According to the GPI, factors that correspond with a peaceful country include low levels of corruption, well functioning government, sound business environment, free flow of information, equitable distribution of resources, good relations with neighbors, high levels of human capital, and acceptance of the rights of others. A total of 23 factors determine the order that the 163 countries are ranked on safety. A country is given a score of 1-5 based, where 1 is a perfect score. Iceland earned a near-perfect score of 1.192, with Denmark in second place at 1.246, and Austria in third at 1.278. According to the report, Syria is considered the most dangerous place on Earth, scoring 3.806. The US earned a score of 2.154, which placed it at 103 on the list. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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