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Iceland Keeps Getting Voted The World's Most Peaceful Place

What's the most peaceful place on Earth? Since 2008, the answer has remained the same: Iceland, that quirky piece of Nordic paradise.

It Must Be The Elves

The 2017 Global Peace Index report named Iceland the most peaceful place on Earth, a ranking it has earned for seven years straight. According to the GPI, factors that correspond with a peaceful country include a well-functioning government with low levels of corruption and a free flow of information, equitable distribution of resources, a sound business environment, good relations with neighbors, high levels of human capital, and acceptance of the rights of others. Right behind Iceland on the ranking in 2017 was New Zealand in second and Portugal in third.

The Peaceful, And The Not-So-Peaceful

The report also ranked the least peaceful countries. The most dangerous place on Earth? Syria. In fact, the Middle East and North Africa were ranked as the least peaceful regions in the world.

The United States landed at 114 on the list—a substantial fall from its 2016 ranking of 103. That put the U.S. far behind places like Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Cuba.

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Written by Curiosity Staff July 8, 2016