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Hypothermia Sufferers Undress Before They Die

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You've reached the top of Mount Everest when the unthinkable happens - you start experiencing hypothermia. What happens if your hypothermia progresses? First, you become disoriented. Then, you get naked. What?!

It's true. The phenomenon of taking your clothes off when freezing to death is called "paradoxical undressing," and it's an extremely common behavior for people dying of hypothermia. Disorientation definitely comes into play here, but what's the real reason for disrobing? You actually feel hot... hot enough that stripping naked seems like the only logical option.

In the videos below, hear the science behind hypothermia and paradoxical undressing, as well as expert prevention and treatment methods.

Why People Get Naked Before Freezing To Death

Hypothermia sufferers take their clothes off because they actually feel hot. Uncover the physiological reasons behind "paradoxical undressing" with Dnews.

How To Recognize And Treat Hypothermia

We sincerely hope that you never have to deal with hypothermia! But life can be full of surprises, so here's how to properly recognize and treat hypothermic symptoms.

Does Drinking Alcohol Really Help Prevent Hypothermia?

Adult beverages might make you FEEL warm, but they don't warm your body. Discover the effects of drinking alcohol when you're cold.

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