Outer Space

Humans Could Have A Moon Colony By The Year 2022

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Living on the moon may sound crazy, but it actually isn't that outlandish. In fact, humanity could build a fully functional colony on the moon by the year 2022, and it wouldn't even cost very much money. According to estimates, humanity could set up a lunar base in less than ten years for only $10 billion. By contrast, the Apollo mission that helped Neil Armstrong become the first man on the moon cost the equivalent of $150 billion today. NASA's entire 2016 budget is $19.3 billion. The advanced technology we have today is what would make this project relatively inexpensive. Self-driving cars and self-recycling toilets, for example, would work on the moon and bring down the cost of the colony. NASA scientists say that creating a colony on the moon would be a great jumping off point for further deep space exploration.


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