Humans Can Run On Water...On The Moon

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In 2012, scientists conducted a study to predict the gravity levels at which humans could run on water. They used special harnesses to simulate reduced gravity, and also outfitted subjects with fins for their feet. At a simulated 22% of Earth's gravity, the "most skilled and fit" subjects could run on water successfully. 10% of Earth's gravity turned out to be the sweet spot, at which point everyone could run atop the water.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. See an example of specialized "shoes" that can allow a person to walk on water. 00:01

  2. Water striders are insects that seem to effortlessly slide atop the water. 00:44

  3. Basilisk lizards slap the water with their feet to create cavities, which keep them buoyant as they rapidly traverse the surface. 01:21

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