How Were The Egyptian Pyramids Built?

The Ancient Egyptians weren't using wheels when the pyramids were built, and had to rely on other methods to transport and lift millions of stones into place. One theory postulates that the workers dragged the stones on sleds over sand that had been wetted to reduce friction. Contrary to popular belief, these workers were probably skilled craftsmen, not slaves.

How Were the Pyramids Built?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Ancient Egyptians may have transported the rocks for the pyramids on sleds. 01:56

  2. The granite quarry where Egyptians might have acquired stones for the pyramids is nearly 1,000 km away from Giza. 03:07

  3. When they were built, the pyramids at Giza were covered with white limestone. 04:41

Written by Curiosity Staff August 13, 2015

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