How To Write For Curiosity.com

Do you have a curious mind? Do you enjoy reading and writing about topics as varied as dinosaurs, future technology, study hacks, space exploration, health breakthroughs and dazzling travel destinations? Can you take complex ideas and make them relatable and easy to read? Can you balance wit and information without drowning in a sea of commas?

If so, Curiosity would like to put you to work. Our team of writers is always looking for help from contributors. You must reside in the United States to qualify. Send a copy of any news article you've written to editors@curiosity.com with the subject line "Freelance Writing." If your style is a fit, you'll receive a sample assignment. Send it back to us, and if it meets our needs, we'll begin assigning you other stories. You could see your stories appearing in our app or on our website. (And yes, we'll pay you.)

Written by Ben Bowman August 15, 2017

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