How To Use Jamf Now For Simple Apple Device Management


There's been an unbelievable wave of new releases from Apple: the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and iPhone XR — plus, there are even more hardware and software updates for your iPad and Mac around the corner. If you have one, or two, or (lucky you) even more Apple devices than that, it can feel dizzying to keep up with the number of updates, installments and maintenance to ensure that your devices stay healthy and up to date. You may be trying to streamline how your employees are using their Apple gadgets, or how much screen time your kids are getting, Jamf Now is a simple way to manage your devices — without needing a degree in computer science or having an extensive amount of experience in IT.

Jamf Now is the most intuitive, powerful way for individuals and teams to manage their Apple devices. There's Jamf Pro, for IT professionals, and Jamf Now, for small teams and businesses. Jamf Now is ideal for teams who have immediate needs around iOS and macOS device setup, but who might not necessarily have the resources to devote towards it. Think bootstrapping startups or mom and pop shops — it's a way to empower those business owners with iOS and macOS device setup, without needing to spend long hours troubleshooting with a sales rep, or obtain additional training and documentation.

You can easily and quickly perform mobile device management tasks for the Apple devices within your organization, deploying various settings, apps, restrictions and more for groups of devices in minutes. There's even the opportunity to utilize packages and custom apps with the Jamf Now Plus plan.

There's three key elements that make Jamf Now so essential for businesses with Apple users:

  • Simplified remote setup. No one has the time to go on-site to try to tinker over a potential solution — Jamf Now takes out the legwork in Apple device setup, allowing you to remotely configure devices with settings and email, set up Wi-Fi and more with ease.
  • Turnkey management techniques. Jamf Now lets business owners centrally deploy apps, view device details and get a comprehensive view of inventory at any time.
  • Solid protection. Jamf Now protects the sensitive company data on your employee's devices: you can remotely enforce passcodes, and even lock or wipe devices

There's a reason why more than 17,000 organizations rely on Jamf, with companies ranging from technology, to Fortune 500, to global marketing groups and even schools all across the globe. Learn more about Jamf Now and sign up here to get started with your own free account.

Written by StackCommerce April 16, 2019