How To Tell If Someone Is Lying, And Why We Lie At All

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According to research, people start lying as early as 6 months old. As we grow up, lying stays with us. The reported average amount of lies told per day or week varies widely, but the bottom line maintains that lying and being lied to is a part of our everyday lives. Lying is a universal trait, but why do we do it? And how can we spot a liar in action? Find out through these videos.

How An Ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator Spots A Liar

If anyone needs to know how to spot a lie, it's a member of the FBI.

Why Do People Lie?

Lying is a universally observed trait, but why do we do it?

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The Wrong Way To Spot A Liar

Are you going about spotting a liar the wrong way?

Why Do Children Tell Lies?

Children start lying as early as 6 months old.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 19, 2016